Dark Summoner: Evolving, Skills, Mutations - Oh my!

It's the wee hours of the morning and although I had this thought much earlier in the day, it didn't really take fruition until the early a.m.  So, a quick and dirty version, and then I'll plop links for further information.

Evolving to + Monsters: A level monsters are the only ones that evolve and when you finally get a pair, sacrifice them 1 to 1. If you toss more monsters into the mix, your second A level with go the way of the DoDo and I'll be forced to hold a funeral for the loss.

Leveling Monster Skills:1 to 1 sacrifice, like in evolution, the monsters don't have to be identical, but the skill must be the same. Also, know Skill Level Up is not guaranteed, sometimes you will just get the Power Up message. Say a few curse words and move on, happens to us all.

Changing Monster Skill: You can change a monster's skill or give a monster a skill by sacrificing a spirit. In order to do this, you'll need to find a Sleep Spirit, Lower Attack Spirit, etc. to name a few.

Mutations: M is for Mutations and consensus is just as mixed when it comes to when/how it works. It appears, from what I've read, to be somewhat random. People have repeated the process with monsters B and below, but 1 to 1 sacrifices (just as you would do with A ranked monsters) of varied monsters don't always yield the same result or a result at all.

For more Information on the above topics and other Dark Summoner Sites, check links below:

  1. Monster Mutations
  2. List of Skills
  3. Free Forum For Dark Summoner
  4. Dark Summoner on Facebook

Phone App Chat Programs:

Palringo has a Dark Summoner Group Chat for those who may have the app installed on their phones.

Happy Gaming Folks!

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thom ayotte said...

I've sacrificed four creatures with skills to creatures without skill and the skill does not carry over everytime. I'm not taking the chance anymore. What is the trick to get the damn skill to go to the creature without the skill!

Grrl In A Straightjacket said...

@Thom - In order to change a monster's skill or give a monster a skill it requires you to sacrifice a spirit card (Sleep Spirit, Lower Attack Spirit, etc.)

Skill change spirits are cards that are acquired through special anima summons rewarded from events or are themselves rewards for events. As far as I know, you can't get them through dark summons. I have not run across them, just have heard other gamers mentioning them in forum posts and the like.

Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

You have to add a monster with the same skill to upgrade the other monsters skill.

Grrl In A Straightjacket said...

@Anonymous True, what you described is the way one raises a monsters skill level, though it is not guaranteed all the time - unless they've made changes since I've played.

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